About Us

Thought World provides a fully integrated marketing service, encompassing all aspects of marketing and sales. We incorporate such diverse strategies as telephonic and personal communication, online marketing and email and fax marketing. Using these and other crucial methods and strategies, we have repeatedly demonstrated high levels of return on investment for clients engaging our marketing and sales services.

We enjoy a variety and depth of experience, both national and international, across our key staff and directorial members, which combined with our modern, dynamic approach and attitude allow us to succeed in an evolving and competitive business environment. At Thought World, we apply our creative and strategic expertise to provide the highest levels of success to all of our clients.

Thought World employs the extensive staff experience in developing and managing call centres and campaigns which we believe is key to fulfilling the requirements of each campaign. Our local knowledge and targeted marketing allow for unparalleled client insight and involvement in all our campaigns.

The Thought World team is comprised of industry specific experts with combined local and international skills. This allows us to design customer acquisition and customer care programmes to meet the strategic needs of any client.